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Cooking perhaps can be termed as the universal leveler of sorts; everybody is good at something!! From omelets to curries, from pickles to biryanis, what are you proud of cooking? With a chance to do something that one loves, and earn money by doing so, doing away with boredom, cooking at home, for people who are craving for the taste of your kitchen, this is a grand opportunity.

Goa Home Food App Launch

Goa Home Food - Healthy Tasty food from a home kitchen

How it works?

Home Kitchen chefs must register themselves with GoaHomeFood.com (GHF) either by simply sending an email to us at support@goahomefood.com or by giving us a call on +91 7264943000. Folks at Goa Home Food speak Hindi, Konkani, Marathi and English & will provide hand-holding support if so desired or required for the registration process. The Home Kitchens may initially add up to 5 dishes to their profile – meaning that their menu will be limited to 5 dishes until the time they are comfortable and satisfied with the progress on their accounts, when they will be able to add more dishes. ... Each dish will be described as proposed by the home chef, supported by pictures; costing of the same would be mutually agreed upon, prior going live on the Goa Home Food App. Packing material will be supplied by Goa Home Food and training on packing/parceling will be provided upon request. Home Chefs are also encouraged to venture into home made pickles, jams, masala’s, etc. on the App.

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Our Promise

At Goa Home Food, we are committed to changing lives by integrating cultures, traditions, values with cutting edge technology; always ensuring that you come first - empowering, reaching out, overcoming limitations, crossing boundaries, with no bias. Our priority is you, your tastes, your health, your dreams.

This platform is dedicated to the traditional home-kitchens & the modern quintessential foodie!!!!

Why associate with Goa Home Food?

The Home Chefs - With having to cook at times of convenience, with specified quantities and unambiguous guidelines, packing in supplied containers, collected by trustworthy delivery partners, there is little hassle for the home-kitchen chef. In-fact the home-chef has nothing to lose and everything to gain; doing what one loves and earning money doing so!!!

The folks at Goa Home Food speak your language and offer hand-holding support if need be. The process has been designed for it to be easily understood, friendly and supportive, without any bias.

The Foodies -With the introduction of new home kitchens, personalities, cultures, traditions, recipes, the quintessential foodie will love this ride; Eat great tasting, healthy, home-cooked food; play a part in tweaking tastes, rate your favourite cooks. No more restaurant food; ENJOY!!!!